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Our Story

Flavor so big, only a tropical bar could top it.

Bamboo Penny's is an exciting new chef-driven restaurant concept featuring the culinary wizardry of Thai chef, Penny Mufuka. Claiming the space between traditional cooking and contemporary craft, Bamboo Penny’s is bringing tropical Thai flavors to Leawood in style, showcasing bold flavors & fresh ingredients that encompass every color of the rainbow. This is where “mild, medium, or hot” isn’t a question of preference, but a test of one’s courage. And where the colors green, yellow, and red all mean go for it. It’s where you can start or extend one's adventure with a playful escape to the Bamboo Room — This Polynesian-inspired, rooftop venue serves up beautifully handcrafted cocktails & exclusive small bites for the daytime sunseeker or nighttime stargazer - complete with private elevator service & retractable rooftop. This is where two polished, yet playful & inviting destinations come together as one magnificent one day or night out.